Congratulation to Brighton's Model United Nations Team

4 December 2010
The final western states Regional High School Model United Nations (RHSMUN) Conference in Salt Lake City was held last weekend. This prestigious North American conference has been held for the last 14 years in Salt Lake City and Brighton has always placed in the top three delegation schools. This qualifying conference ensures that Brighton will attend the National High School Model United Nations (NHSMUN) conference held in New York City. 

Andrew Powley, Andrea Gappmier, Derek Jensen, Kyle Esplin, Leah Smith, Jordan Menna, Shelby Gonzalez, and Olivia Esplin took Superior individual awards and Brighton was able to place second place overall defeating the prestigious Mission Viejo private school in Los Angeles. Though Brighton’s dream of first place was taken by Rocky Mountain High School located in Denver Colorado, the team did a remarkable job given the amazing preparation and competition of the conference. It is now on to Nationals held in March. Go Brighton MUN! Take Nationals!
A special Thanks to Zeegan George! Once again the behind the scenes man came through just as he did with Brighton’s musical - All Shook Up.
Mr. Hodges was given a faculty award for outstanding advising for 13 of the 14 years the conference has been held.